Customer Experience

Dr. Celio was a well-known village doctor in the Southest Part of Switzerland in the ’60. He was an authority, trusted and respected. He knew everything about everybody. Once you entered his consultation, he would remember all your previous illnesses and those of your family members as well. He then would asked few, precise questions and soon find out the best treatment for you. This is individualized customer experience!
Nowadays, with Social Data Analysis, CRM, Business Intelligence, etc. more than ever your customers do expect an individual, tailored experience.
Eightangles partners with you to design a smooth, tailored customer experience making you unique in the mind and heart of your customers.

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Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience design isn’t an academic exercise performed during a workshop. A single “Customer Experience Workshop” is unlikely to bring you the desired success. Therefore Eightangles recommends a broader approach, with strong involvement of your customers, who are the final judges of the experience you provide.
Below an example of a Customer experience design project.

Eightangles helps you to

  • Provide the method to understand your customer and engage them for Customer Experience co-creation.
  • You will answer, with your customers, the following questions:
    • What do your customer love and hate?
    • What do your customers realistically expect?
    • Where are easy quick wins in your organization?
    • What and how to measure?
    • How to make it simple and clear?
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