Most people do remember President Kennedy’s words, pronounced September 12th, 1962 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas: “we will send a man to the moon and bring him safe back”. Not many would remember his vision if he would have said “we will build on state-of-the-art capabilities, leverage synergies and adopting a blue ocean strategy to gain a sustainable competitive advantage in Space exploration”….  JFK inspired millions of people with one single, short story.
Eightangles partners with you to find, design and tell stories to lead, inspire or sell.

Story Design

A compelling story will get attention and call to action.
Stories provide meaning to your offer, making it tangible and relevant to your stakeholders.

How many times have you heard statements like “let me show our great data” or “We have best-in-class results for the following criteria” or simply “We value you as a customer”? Isn’t it boring?

Eightangles helps you finding, designing and delivering stories to make your offer shine in the eyes, ears and hearts of your customers.

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Story Design and Delivery Training

You wish your customer facing team being able to design and deliver stories to make your offer shine in the eyes and hearts of your customers and lead to action?
You wish to use more stories to lead and inspire your team / audience?
Eightangles helps you design your own stories and assure impactful deliver.

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Eightangles’ training are based on adult learning science and proven efficacy on the ground. We tailor all our programs to reflect your specific needs and expectations,

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