What Pharma can learn from James Bond

Dr. Never, living in a dream villa on a paradisiac Caribbean Island, has a diabolic plan: to kill thousands of people with a new, terrific virus. This virus would cause great pain, emotional sufferance and despair (the movie describes during 20 minutes the terrible virus). The British Secret Service got a hint from a mole … Continued

Listening: the secret of a great dance career… and sales!

The audience gave a never-ending standing ovation. The performance of the young dancer has been breath-taking. After the performance a journalist interviewed her and she surprisingly started to thank “the doctor who looked at me when I was 7”… It was February 20th, 1946 and Gillian Lynne, one of the most rewarded dancers of the … Continued

„Tell me your patient story… I don’t listen…“

“Yeah, yeah…. and then the patient lived happily for many more years…” The answer of the Doctor was quite cynic. The sales rep did everything she was expected to. She was well trained, she perfectly knew the clinical trial data as well as the benefits of her product. More than this, she was committed to … Continued

Make your customers‘ life easier!

June 1950 Toyota produced only 300 trucks and was close to bankruptcy. During the same time, Citroën was working on the DS, an upper-class sedan. Citroën launched the DS in September 1955 and the success was phenomenal, the car was exposed vertically to underscore the similarity with a space shuttle. Hydropneumatic suspensions, disc-brakes, semi-automatic gearbox, … Continued